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Carolynn Taddei Moore
Finding Community in Consulting

"We’re only as successful as we are fulfilled and happy. Everyone here looks at you holistically as a person."

Carolynn Taddei

What is the company culture like at Browne Consulting Group?

Culturally, it’s known that we all work hard. We want to work hard and provide wonderful services for our clients. Equally important to us are our colleagues and the individuals who make up this company. We’re only as successful as we are fulfilled and happy. Everyone here looks at you holistically as a person. If you have family stuff, if you’re studying for CPA exams, etc., we recognize other aspects of your life and make sure that we’re not just looking at you and your work in a bubble. 

Supporting your other colleagues is as important as supporting the company. We want to provide resources and support for each other. Everyone needs help at some point. We have a culture of asking questions; someone is always willing to hop on a call and answer questions, so I am always trying to do the same for others. We have the ability to reach out to anyone up or down the chain to ask a question, and everyone is willing to give you time and knowledge. In my prior professional experience, people were afraid to bother others because they were too busy. I felt like I was on a lone island. That relief of having a network and support system around you makes a big difference, especially if you’re new to life science or coming from audit to accounting. Your colleagues here genuinely want you to succeed.

Carolynn Taddei Moore, Senior Controller

Carolynn Taddei Moore is a Senior Controller with Browne Consulting. She has been with us for almost three years, and previously worked in both public external and internal audit, as well as compliance. She began her career at Deloitte.

"Your colleagues here genuinely want you to succeed. "

What does it mean to you to work closely with biotech companies?

I’m very much a people person. I care very much about others. In my professional career as an accountant, I haven’t always felt like I’m giving back. I’ve always said, “I’d be a doctor if I could, but I can’t stand blood.”


I’ve always thought of working in nonprofits, but I connected to life sciences – groundbreaking science looking to cure cancers and disorders and really do important stuff. It’s fulfilling that part of me that wanted to be part of something bigger. That was a real draw for me. I didn’t have much experience with life sciences, but I feel like I’m able to fulfill a necessary function for these companies and achieve their big lofty goals. They need this accounting and HR support or they can’t succeed, so you’re part of something bigger.

What would you say to a prospective employee considering coming to work for Browne?

I tell people to think about what they want for their life. You need to consider company values and culture, and check in with your own values. For me it was important that my employer valued me as an individual: my family life, my personal life, my professional development. That’s important to me, and I wanted to find a company that found that important too. Understand what you want for work life balance, and make sure employers you’re looking at align with that. At Browne, they recognize their employees’ value. 

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