Developing a Biotech Playbook with Venture Capital

Browne team sitting and conversing. Developing a Playbook on Starting a Biotech.

Dan Goddard

As a Director at Browne Consulting, Dan Goddard stands as a key point of contact for our newest clients and the life science community. Since joining Browne Consulting, Dan and the onboarding team have been a part of launching over 75 new companies.

By working with a finance and accounting firm that specializes in life sciences, investors can gain efficiencies that result in meaningful financial outputs with a playbook for launching their biotech startups. 

Crafting a Playbook for Startups

We have translated our experience providing finance and accounting services for more than one hundred biotech companies into a development playbook that allows our clients to become operational faster and more efficiently. The relationships that Browne Consulting has formed with the top vendors in the industry through this process grant our clients better rates and a higher degree of service.

Increased Efficiencies for Biotech Companies

We leverage our established processes for handling incorporation paperwork, banking and corporate setup, commercial setup, etc. as well as our long-standing relationships with top vendors in the industry to increase efficiencies and reduce costs for our clients. 

Our proprietary system is designed to support the life cycle of a biotech company:

  • Core Team: Supports the growth of portfolio companies through diligence, the audit process, month-end close, tax returns, and more.
  • FP&A Practice: Supplement finance and accounting needs as portfolio companies undergo major milestones.

Years of experience have allowed us to compress the timeline of operational readiness. This includes being able to maximize efficiency and effectiveness at every step afterwards. This saves clients valuable time and money and allows founders to focus their time and energy in the areas that matter most.

Reduced Risk through Standardization and Consistency  

We provide standardization and consistency for VCs and their biotech portfolio companies, two principles that result in tangible financial benefits. 

Ensured Independence when Co-Launching a Biotech Company 

Browne Consulting alleviates obstacles to independence for VCs in the joint development of biotech portfolio companies. By working with a third party, each VC has equal visibility on the financial status. By providing a consistent management team throughout the lifecycle of a biotech, we can mitigate delays and deliver quality scalable solutions for investment growth. 

Full-Time Employees Who Work Exclusively in Biotech 

Our team of full-time employees can scale with a growing biotech company. We meet the unique needs of the biotech industry at every stage of the business. Because clients work with a team, access to our institutional knowledge and services does not fluctuate with the availability of one consultant. 

In fact, Browne Consulting was just recently named Top Places to Work For in Massachusetts in the Boston Globe.

We are able to leverage the processes and resources that prove successful for our clients time and time again. Working with an individual consultant does not provide the same degree of capability, consistency, and coverage.

Great Insights, Better Service, and Best Practices

Our insight into the internal processes of one hundred biotech companies gives us visibility into where top industry leaders are finding the greatest success. We respect the intelligence and integrity of the scientists who build biotech companies. Their expertise plays an integral role in business decisions.

We have strong connections with vendors that are extremely niche to the biotech industry that other generalized accounting firms would not know about. By building deep relationships with the top vendors in the field, we take the guesswork out of G&A business decisions. We connect our clients with discounts and priority service that make a real difference in their bottom line.

Efficiency, Consistency, and Independence with a Playbook for Biotech Startups with Browne Consulting

We provide finance and accounting solutions to more than one hundred biotechs from seed stage through IPO. We grow with your company. Our team harnesses this expertise to provide unparalleled service that improves efficiency, consistency, and independence for our clients. Learn more about Browne Consulting and how we can help you with a playbook for your biotech startup.