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Eric Rubega
On Working Hard and Feeling Valued

"It’s good to feel like a valued member of a client's team. It’s a nice change of pace from being the pesky auditor."

Eric Rubega

How does Browne Consulting compare to other places you have worked?

Before Browne, I worked in public accounting as an auditor for 10 years. I wanted to get out of public accounting and have a change of pace, but I still wanted to work with clients. In public accounting, there were some crazy busy seasons, especially January to April, working Saturdays. I haven’t experienced that since coming to Browne. Experience from public accounting translates really well to a role at Browne, though, and you’re still challenged with multiple things going on. Nothing is the same month to month, which keeps it interesting. There’s no busy season with required Saturdays. It’s a much better environment. 

I also enjoy being able to work with multiple clients and feel like I’m a part of their team. Some of these companies almost think of me as one of their employees, and they really appreciate all of the hard work we give them. It’s good to feel like a valued member of their team. It’s a nice change of pace from being the pesky auditor.

Eric Rubega, Director

Eric Rubega was one of the first employees to join Browne Consulting. He started as a Controller after working in public accounting for 10 years, and has worked his way up to Director. 

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What are some of your favorite aspects about working for Browne Consulting?

When I started, there were only two full time employees. I liked everything they had to say, though, and where the company was headed. It’s been kind of a wild ride as the company has grown from three to 50 people, but we’ve scaled very responsibly. This year (2022) we’ve put a lot of company goals in place: formalizing training for new hires, improving training for existing employees, etc. We’re very thoughtful in the way we review our processes and procedures. 

I started as a Controller, I was promoted to Senior Controller, and now I’m a Director. I’ve been able to see a ton of different things I’ve never seen before. It’s great to contribute to a company’s growth and financial results. I’ve helped a few companies go through their IPO process, and have gained a lot of great experiences and growth in terms of knowledge and expertise. 

I also think the company is led by a really awesome guy who is very easy to work with! He’s extremely thoughtful, kind, and willing to help out. I work with him directly, and Warren is a really easy going guy who is always trying to do the right thing and go above and beyond for his employees.

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