JPM Healthcare Conference 2024: What Will 2024 Bring for Biotech?

Browne Consulting at 2024 JPM Healthcare Conference. This is for blog post on a reflection of the conference.
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It has been a few weeks since we returned from the JPM Healthcare Conference 2024, where thousands of the brightest minds in biotech came together in San Francisco to check the pulse on the industry and set the tone for the year ahead. This was the first year of attendance for Browne Consulting; a milestone we are incredibly proud of. Our four days at the conference reaffirmed our passion and commitment to life sciences as we got to know the innovators and ground breakers who define the industry, as well as our peers on the business side who help make it all possible. 

What Will 2024 Bring for Biotech?

After a boom in the beginning of the pandemic, the financial struggles that have touched every industry caught up with life science in the last two years. Inflation continues to put a strain on existing VC investments, and a near non-existent public market and global factors have inhibited new investments from flowing.  

After a year marked by layoffs and difficult decisions rooted in survival instead of science, however, there remains a strong desire industry-wide to continue to push the boundaries of what is possible. The promise of a stabilizing market and emerging technologies brought a sense of cautious optimism to the conference, and there was palpable excitement for what lies ahead in 2024.  

Pushing the Boundaries of Biotech

There are generation-defining advancements in biotech possible for 2024, and JPM gave us an opportunity to meet the brilliant, innovative people behind them. We were inspired by those who are paving the way with new technologies, as well as those who work to perfect the technology we already have and use every day. 

Harnessing Emerging Technologies

Artificial intelligence is maintaining its place at the forefront of biotech in 2024, with continually evolving implications for drug development. Our team was fascinated to learn about the role of AI/ML-enabled digital twins in the discovery and development of therapeutics as just one of several ways that scientists harness emerging technologies for the greater good. 

Building Upon Existing Technologies

While some biotech companies push the boundaries of what is possible with new technologies, others insist that we can make more of the technologies currently available. We met the team from one biotech company that is working to expand the possibilities of smart watches to allow people to take more control of their own health. Their focus on individual human health served as a reminder for us of the incredible potential of biotech. 

The People Who Make it Possible

It takes a village to work toward the betterment of human health, and JPM reaffirmed our role and commitment to this community of world-changers. Having provided accounting and operational services for life science companies for several years, we have witnessed firsthand how the brilliant innovators that comprise the biotech industry apply their knowledge and technology for the greater good of humanity. It was another feeling entirely to experience that at scale at JPM. 

Thousands of scientists, investors, engineers, business women and men, and more gathered because of our common goal. This collective calling seems to go above and beyond our day jobs, and cultivates a desire to help others in the industry succeed; a sentiment that is unique to biotech. Networking at JPM went beyond building sound business relationships, as people seemed genuinely interested in supporting one another’s success and helping their work come to fruition. 

Final Thoughts on JPM

Our inaugural year at JPM was a significant milestone for Browne Consulting, and helped define what 2024 will look like for our firm. We have always felt the value of growing and fostering a strong network, but JPM Healthcare Conference 2024 opened our eyes to the full potential of relationship building. Nearly 10,000 individuals from every facet of the biotech industry came together to learn from one another, and to find and share success. After learning about the emerging and advancing technologies that are catalyzing the industry, and meeting the brilliant people behind them, we returned to Cambridge with cautious optimism and childlike excitement to take part in whatever 2024 has in store for biotech. 


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