Browne Consulting Celebrates 100 Concurrent Clients

Founder & CEO
Warren has consulted on dozens of venture backed companies from incorporation, advised companies as they grew through Series A, and supported companies going public or being acquired.

I am extremely honored to announce that Browne Consulting has achieved 100 concurrent clients for life science consulting. One hundred life science companies backed by some of the most brilliant minds of our generation have allowed Browne Consulting to act as an extension of their team; to play a small role in supporting their innovative development of novel science and medicine to improve overall human health. The gratitude and pride that we feel for this trust cannot be overstated.

Humble Beginnings in Life Science Consulting

As I reflect on the work that went into building up to this incredible milestone, I am reminded of our very first venture client seven years ago. The confidence that their CFO had in our newly budding organization to support their investment was extremely motivating. Every decision we’ve made since then has been an effort to demonstrate that we are worthy of that faith in our abilities.

In the years that have followed, Browne Consulting has grown to more than 60 highly capable and valued employees. We have assembled our team with the goal of providing highly driven professionals with opportunities for growth in a dynamic and rewarding career while still maintaining work-life balance, something that is difficult to navigate in the accounting world. In our effort to create a workplace that attracts employees for the long haul, we have created a stimulating environment with a focus on professional excellence, which has been a key factor in the success of our client relationships.

Looking to a Bright Future with Browne Consulting

As our team members progress their careers at Browne Consulting, they continue honing their expertise as finance and accounting professionals for life science consulting startups. At our core, our goal is to enable the missions of our client by anticipating their needs so they can focus on the aspect of the business that matters most – the science. We are constantly analyzing our successes and our opportunities for further professional development. Each new client provides us with a deeper knowledge of the specific needs of life science companies from seed stage through IPO. We greatly value this insight and use it to continuously improve the services that we provide to each of our 100 clients.

While Browne Consulting continues to scale our operations responsibly, we pledge to make the same commitment of excellence to our 101st client that we made to our very first. We do not take for granted that by providing best-in-class accounting services, we enable our clients to focus on solving the world’s most challenging problems. When the stakes are this high, there is no option short of excellence.

To the 100 clients who have helped Browne Consulting achieve this incredible milestone, I want to express my deepest gratitude to our biotech consulting clients.

For entrusting us with the operational accounting side of achieving your life’s work.

For accepting our team as an extension of your own.

And for allowing your success to be our success.


Warren Browne
Founder and CEO