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Meaghan O'Neill on Feeling Supported through On-the-Job Learning

Meaghan O’Neill is an Accounting Manager. Although she had little experience with life-science clients prior to Browne Consulting, she now enjoys working with biotech companies whose work is so impactful. 

“The opportunity to work with these companies who have the potential to improve lives and make a positive impact on the world is incredibly fulfilling.”

Meaghan O'Neill -CPA, Accounting Manager

What was your experience working with life-science companies before working with Browne Consulting?

I was an auditor mainly in technology and consumer products, so I didn’t have much exposure to life science companies. During my first week at Browne Consulting, we had an overarching life-science training that was extremely informative. I also learned a great amount about the industry from on-the-job tasks and participating in discussions with clients.

What does it mean for you to be able to work with these life science companies?

It’s been great to help them as their work has the potential to have a lasting impact on society. It’s also been an exciting opportunity as each day brings something different here at Browne Consulting.

I’ve really enjoyed that I can combine my accounting skills with the innovative world of biotech.

Has working at Browne met your expectations?

Yes, I think for a number of reasons. When looking for a new job, I was determined to find a position that was client-facing. In public accounting, we had many interactions with clients, so I knew looking for a new role that’s what I wanted. At Browne Consulting, even though we are a remote company, I have tons of virtual “face-to-face” interactions with clients. I like that I am able to directly interact with clients, understand their needs and provide them with the best solutions.
In addition, I enjoy the work and find it fulfilling. It’s been rewarding working with my clients as they’re reaching milestones and goals. I also feel that I have the opportunity to grow and develop professionally at this company.
Another thing that makes working at Browne Consulting so great is the team. Everyone on the team is always willing to help and offer their expertise. We really have a great team dynamic. I’ve really enjoyed my time here and can’t wait to see what my future brings at Browne Consulting.
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