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Paige Hovsepian on Achieving Personal and Professional Growth

Paige Hovsepian is an Accounting Manager. After working in public accounting, she enjoys the flexibility to pursue personal interests while growing her career at Browne Consulting. 

“Last year I got the opportunity to volunteer to coach softball at my former high school. This was a great opportunity, and I wouldn’t have been able to do that at another company.”

Paige Hovsepian​ - CPA, Accounting Manager

What has your experience been like working for Browne Consulting?

I’ve really enjoyed the culture at Browne. Everyone is really welcoming and always encouraged to help each other out. I referred my former roommate, Meaghan, and we have started a referral chain including two other colleagues and our other roommate.
At Browne, everyone is very supportive in progressing our careers. I’ve had the opportunity to step into a more substantial role with my clients with the support of my controller. This shift has allowed me to take on more responsibilities, such as taking charge of the budgeting process and leading client meetings.

What have been some of your favorite aspects of working with Browne?

The work-life balance and understanding of colleagues. They’re more understanding about other things going on in your life, so there’s more flexibility if you are handling your workload. Last year I got the opportunity to volunteer to coach softball at my former high school a few times a week while staying on top of my work. I would take a few hours off during the day and then work and make up the hours another time. I just wouldn’t have been able to do that at another company.

What would you say to a prospective employee?

If you’re looking for a client-facing role it’s a good opportunity to see different companies and work with different people. Also, the life sciences industry is filled with constant developments which keeps the work interesting and keeps you in touch with the latest research. These companies are doing something way bigger than accounting. They’re discovering drugs that are going to cure different diseases, but in some way, you feel like you’re a part of it by helping with the services in the background.
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